Business Tax Services

Categories of Business Tax Services:

U.S. Corporate Tax And Tax Planning
International Tax Planning

U.S. Corporate Tax And Tax Planning Services

  • Tax return preparation and filing for domestic and multi-state tax planning and preparation for:
    • U.S. corporations
    • U.S. partnerships
    • U.S. limited liability companies
  • Tax reporting for:
    • U.S. companies doing business abroad
    • Foreign companies doing business in the U.S.
  • Department of Commerce filings
  • New ventures
    • Selection of most efficient operating structure
    • Debt and equity capitalization
    • Capitalization of company with common and preferred stock
  • Representation before taxing authorities
    • Negotiations with federal, state and local authorities
  • Corporate compensation and stock plan reviews
  • Federal, state and international tax compliance reviews
  • State tax planning
    • State income tax review
    • Sales and use tax review and local tax nexus review
    • Review of apportionment methodology among states
    • Use of local vs Delaware holding companies
  • FAS 109 and FIN 48 Tax Provision services
    • Determination of effective tax rate for company
    • Disclosure of deferred tax assets and liabilities
    • Purchase accounting issues
    • Stock compensation issues
    • Determination of valuation allowance and release of allowance

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International Tax Planning Services

  • U.S. company expanding operations overseas
    • Foreign branch vs subsidiary operations in the U.S.
    • Transfer of assets to foreign affiliates, both taxable and nontaxable
    • Coordinating U.S. and foreign taxes
    • Personnel relocation issues
      • Tax Equalization Planning
      • Expatriate tax return preparation
      • Corporate payroll planning
    • Benefit plans in U.S. and foreign jurisdictions
    • Analysis of foreign country tax environment
  • Foreign company expanding into U.S.
    • International structure planning
    • Branch vs incorporation
    • Debt vs capital consolidations
    • Tax treaty analysis
    • Withholding tax planning
  • Foreign tax credit reviews
  • International transfer pricing
    • Pricing and cost analysis to minimize foreign taxes
    • Cost sharing agreements
    • Management agreements
    • Documentation requirements to reduce penalty exposure
    • Full study
  • International compensation planning
    • Per diem plan to reduce U.S. payroll taxes
    • Tax treaty applications for transfers to U.S.
    • Foreign deferred compensation plans
    • International Social Security agreements for avoiding double tax
    • Tax equalization plan drafts and reviews
    • Stock option issues re: cross-border moves
  • Real estate holding structures (special rules for foreign investors)
    • Appropriate holding structure for owning and operating in the U.S.
    • Minimizing withholding and branch taxes for inbound investments of U.S. real property
    • Incorporation, operations and liquidation analysis
    • Structuring cross-border tax-free debt instruments
    • Cross-border mergers and acquisitions
    • Dual country tax coordination and repatriation of profits
    • Minimizing withholding taxes on foreign partners
    • GAAP and local country accounting coordination
    • Tax preparation for all entities

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