Mergers & Acquisitions

We Offer Expertise and Trusted Guidance through Every Crucial Step

Mergers and acquisitions present many complexities. Rowbotham International provides the experience and expertise to advise you on the best course of action from among your alternatives, and guide your project to a successful conclusion.

Rowbotham International Mergers and Acquisitions Services:

Due Diligence for Purchaser or Seller

  • Tax and business analysis
  • Preserving tax carryover & attributes
  • Section 338 election and basis step-up
  • State and local tax registrations
  • Buy-Sell agreements
  • Review for tax issues and risk analysis
  • Review tax provisions for client
  • Current and future tax issues
  • Optimal method of merging or selling
  • Negotiations for mergers or acquisitions
  • Representation re: financial analysis of deals

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Liquidations: Implementation and Compliance

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Tax Accounting Concerns

  • Tax accounting concerns:
    • Tax utilization of past years' losses
    • Tax accounting research
    • Capitalization issues
    • Unicap analysis
  • Asset acquisition and cost segregation reviews
  • R&D tax credit reviews

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Compensation and Benefits

  • Executive stock option plans - review and implementation
  • Corporate board and employee presentations
  • Benchmarking for industry
  • Section 125 benefit plans
  • 401(k) plan implementation

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Discussions with SEC and Legal Counsel on GAAP Reporting

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To discuss about our mergers and acquisitions services, call Rowbotham International at +1(415) 433-1177.